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Testimonials about Tennis Beyond Lessons - Coach Yourself to Better Tennis

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Praise for Tennis Beyond Lessons - Coach Yourself to Better Tennis

Ajay Pant

Senior Director Racquet Sports, Lifetime Fitness

Kirk Anderson, also known as the “coach’s coach,” is a mentor to many of us in the industry. His humble and self-deprecating personality successfully disguise one of the most brilliant tennis minds.


In Tennis Beyond Lessons, Kirk has once again produced a gold nugget. With the focus on “playing” tennis, not just taking lessons, Kirk provides easy self-coaching concepts like game style, ball characteristics and triple vision. More importantly, Coach Anderson focuses on decision making skills and working within your strengths and weaknesses.


This book by Kirk Anderson is a must read for players at every level who want to improve. No magic bullets here – just uncommon common sense and science based physical and mental training guidelines.

Danice Brown 

Retired Executive Director of Portland Tennis & Education

Kirk Anderson is lifting the veil from the mystique of mastering the game of tennis. Finally, we have a book that encourages tennis players, regardless of strength or ability, how to play their very best

Butch Staples

National Racquet Sports Director - Midtown Athletic Clubs

Tennis Beyond Lessons is a must read for all tennis players, would be players, coaches and tennis aficionados. Kirk Anderson has masterfully written, organized, described and presented a unique collection of the elements that represent a holistic understanding of a learner’s options to become a better player.


He has captured the essence of what all players should learn about the game and the elements that lead to personal growth, increased levels of success, greater joy and ultimately a deeper love for the game.


The content is clear, concise and easy to read. Kirk used a collection of quotes to highlight the deeper meaning of many of the coaching points he describes. He has successfully placed the learner at the center of his story focusing on how everyone can take responsibility for their own development. His road map is well planned and laid out in an easy-to-follow journey for the reader.


The book covers all aspects of a players development opportunities while respecting the most modern and up-to-date tennis and development principles.


If you are curious and are looking for a complete guide to becoming a better tennis player, I cannot think of a better resource than, Tennis Beyond Lessons.

Craig S. Jones

Senior Director, USTA-U, Education, Training, and Resources

Kirk Anderson's book, Tennis Beyond Lessons - Coach Yourself to Better Tennis, is exactly the Rx that tennis players are looking for. Kirk gives you all the tools needed to self-detect and correct so you can become your own on-court coach.

Kim Bastable

Professor of Practice and Director of Professional Tennis Management, University of Florida, USPTA, PTR

Kirk has thoroughly covered so much ground in this book. There is a tremendous amount of information included - things I have heard and spoken for years - both as a competitive player and as a coach. Very encompassing and a great tool if you want to improve your game AND get smarter about the finer points of competition.

Karen Ronney

2020 National High School Coach of the Year from the USPTA and Racquet Sports Industry

Kirk Anderson has a uniquely profound vision of the coaching profession and is one of the world’s leading experts in this arena. He sees the big picture of sports and life development, and yet offers the fine details in a step-by-step approach on how to get the best results for all levels of tennis talent. This book is a must read for coaches, athletes and parents. It truly is the bible for anyone who aspires to become a coach, or learn to coach oneself.

Don Paitrick

USTA Mid Atlantic Board of Directors

Kirk Anderson’s book is an excellent read and player friendly application no matter your age or ability. It embodies all the aspects of tennis whether your getting started or need a quick reminder!


A must read. And make sure you carry a copy in your tennis bag for those quick reminders during a match. Bag Check!!

Denny Schackter

Tennis Priorities, Inc.

Kirk Anderson is admired, respected and loved by the tennis industry. He has always been a “give back” person. This book illustrates all the best about him and his substance as a teacher. This will be a bible for all levels of play as it is easy to understand and implement.

Dede Allen

Tennis Director and Girls’ Varsity Coach, Episcopal School of Jacksonville
USPTA/Florida High School Coach of the Year 2020

Kirk Anderson, an outstanding coach of coaches, has written a book for anyone who plays or coaches tennis. Tennis Beyond Lessons should be on the reading list for all high school tennis coaches. It is well organized, easy to read and offers some very sensible approaches to coaching without getting technical. High school players will find many useful tips for playing with more confidence, practicing with focus, and competing like a champion.

Frank Giampaolo

Award winning coach/Best selling author

Tennis Beyond Lessons: Coach Yourself to Better Tennis is a reflection of perfect advice from a master teacher. The sport of tennis is better because of Kirk Anderson. These pages will stick with you long after you close the final page.

Greg Moran

Award winning teaching professional and writer

Be sure to have a highlight pen when reading this book! Kirk Anderson, one to the world’s top coaches, has served up an ace with Tennis Beyond Lessons. Whether you are new to the game, an experienced competitor or coach, Kirk’s book will educate, entertain, and show you an entirely different (and deeper) way of looking at tennis. This


is definitely a book you should keep in your racket bag and refer to on a regular basis throughout your tennis journey. A must read!

Sanja Lemes

Director of Tennis, USTA PNW Facilities

Kirk Anderson uses his extensive experience in Tennis Beyond Lessons to provide and interesting and understandable guide to successful tennis. This is a must read for players looking to improve their game, move up an NTRP level, or to enhance their love of the game. Instructors will benefit from the helpful coaching tips. They should suggest this book to their students and have them refer to it for practical practice and competition reminders.

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